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Black High Heels dangling

Black High Heels dangling

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20 Responses to “Black High Heels dangling”

  1. RockalilyDunne says:

    om my god, this is like porn for some people xD

  2. zk55509 says:

    her brilliant charming suckable arches heels are looking so attractive and sexy in that black mule sandal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . absolutely fantastic view what a beauty

  3. MrBirdy2010 says:

    mmmmm nice;))) wish i could kiss your feet and pumps;))) mm

  4. marzil says:

    can u do a vid wearing the brown sandals?

  5. CominImcomin says:

    Wow I popped a boner watching this, complete with precum. I guess now I have a foot fetish.

  6. mm8988 says:


  7. HansLDDP says:

    Very good quality video and nice and relaxed movements of pretty brunette’s feet!

  8. hotbi4all says:

    The shoes are nice but the feet are sweet !!!!!!

  9. MrPeterock1 says:

    Extremely sexy aroused watching ya w / sweat pants and black high heel pumps w / ankle strap and it gets to me! during this erotic foot fetish i jizz by looking at you dangle those sexy pumps!

  10. MyDesiSuperstar69 says:

    I’ve just cum watching this sexy video. . . beautiful feet and heels. . . Mmmmm

  11. shoes74 says:

    @ Ballerinas1000 No problem, but can you remember the brand of this shoe and the model type and where you bought it? Thanks.

  12. ballerinas1000 says:

    @ Shoes74 fire Lorenzetti, price? Do not remember, sorry ;-)

  13. shoes74 says:

    These are lovely shoes! Brand and price?

  14. EricHansen says:

    Do you drive your car as you wear high heels often? Would like to see some driving clips into your sexiest heels! :)

  15. pariscizgi says:

    s? by feets? Want touching. . .

  16. leglover499 says:

    Just as hot as flaming so often!

  17. shoefl33xin says:

    I love how you was wiggling and flexing your toes inside with the straps still on the heels more please!

  18. mario6380 says:

    hot damn. . . I would also like to sometimes see a clip where she squats down their shoes and slip out the back. lg

  19. 1911marco says:

    super sexy. . .

  20. shoefetishguy says:

    Wow some hot feet in hot shoes, love the dangling keep it up!

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