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Ballet Slipper Fetish….?

Hi all,
well I’m sure to get some intersting replies…..Yes I have a fetish and enjoy leather ballet slippers around the house. I have many pairs and colors…..
I can also looked at womans painted toes all day, I just love a nice pedicured foot, and before you ask, yes I have had a pedicure and occasionally have polish applied.
Before you jump to conclusions, no I am not gay, and yes I have a wife, who doesn’t mind these are they are “harmless” as she puts it.
So what about you? What do you think, and what sort of fetishes turn your crank?

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14 Responses to “Ballet Slipper Fetish….?”

  1. a_delphi says:

    I think women’s shoes and feet are pretty and I am a straight woman. I think your ‘fetish’ is harmless too as long as you don’t start stalking women and stealing their shoes from them by force.
    I have no fetishes. I express my oddness in other ways.

  2. edm79486 says:


  3. Daniel K says:

    Get help.

  4. Christian N says:

    I think if you enjoy it and your wife doesn’t mind it’s none of our business.

  5. Salami and Orange Juice says:…
    There is a picture of pointe shoes. Feed the fetish. LOL.

  6. DKlyde says:

    i have a foot fetish and sandal fetish this ain’t wierd at all. You don’t really know why you have these fetishes you just do and you enjoy lol on the real but yeah i love womens toes i look at my friends all class period like id lay my head down and i look from a little crack in my arm lol its great i do that so they won’t notice me looking yeahh pretty smart huh lol well yeah thats what i have but i don’t paint my nails oh h e l l naw and i could have a ballet shoe fetish i mean if they smell then hell yes only if they’re girl ballet slipers

  7. Richard says:

    I too wear ballet slippers. You’d be surprised how many ladies have a fetish for men in ballet slippers.

  8. William says:

    I have a fetish for ballet slippers and luckily, my wife loves to wear them around the house and sometime outside as street shoes. I was terrified at first about telling her about it but when I finally decided, she did not judge me and fell it was not too bad of a fetish and even kinda cute. She right away when out to purchase her first pair of leather ballet slippers, now 8 pairs later, she knows it still gets me going to see her wearing them and she sure use it to keep our love burning like we first met.

  9. balletbitch says:

    hey great job and to the ones who said it was weird……..I feel for you because when u find that thing that just grinds you like that then…………..hey you’ve got piece and your wife wears them to
    I found my ballet slipper fetsih when I was 8 I took Ballet because I remember sheing Lynn Swain taking ballet so hey And ever since Women as well as my self love to wear ballet slippers for me
    My now girl is a former professional ballet dancer not on pointe but she did a lot of lyrical which she wore leather ballet slippers I gotta tell you the love making we can go out in public and she turns me own so enjoy

  10. Pearce says:

    I have also a fetish for leather ballet slipper and I have too lots of pairs at home news and used. I like very much wear them at home inside and outside. If you want exchange some foto about yours ballet slipper and mine, you can send me at I’ll send you mine.

  11. Sylvie says:

    I am a female with husband and child, and I love wearing ballet shoes (well, ballet slippers) around home. Though I am not quite into ‘male with ballet slippers’, I wish my husband were like you and wear them, too — it would be fun! Your fetish seems to me rather ‘cute’ and it is nice your wife does not judge you.

  12. Richard says:

    @Sylvie: My dear, I think you are more into men’s feet in ballet slippers than you realize.
    Yes, your hubby can really give you some good time if he wore ballet slippers.
    Love ya.
    (Hope this is not a double post.)

  13. Bob says:

    We sew ballet slippers, ballet pumps, ballet flats. Lots of colors, lots of styles.
    Pleated ballets, pleated pumps with heels, full suede sole flats, rubber sole ballets,
    rubber sole flats, leather sole flats too. Colors: black, white, pink, red, tan, brown,
    blue, purple, metallic gold.

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